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            How to setup a payment method?

            Receiving Online Payments 

            Like Invoicing, payments are another core feature of Invoice Quickly. Invoice Quickly lets your customers to pay you online in few clicks as well as gives you tools to handle offline payments as well. 

            Through online payment, customers can pay directly on the Invoice using available payment methods. Payment methods have to be configured by you before you send Invoice to customers. 

            We support two online payment methods at the moment that are Paypal and Stripe (For payment through credit card). Offline methods are Cheque, Cash, Credit Card and Wire Transfer or any Other. You can configure your online payment methods by going to Settings > Invoicing Settings -> Payments.

            When payments are made online by customer, they are automatically recorded and you don't need to add them manually to system but in case of offline payment, you have to record payment manually once payment is received.

            Updated: 12 Jan 2019 11:35 PM
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