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            How to create a new Product?


            Product is a tangible item sold by a seller to a customer in a quantity greater than zero. Invoice Quickly lets you create a catalog/list of your products and then you can add items from this list to your invoices. The reason of providing a separate place for you to keep your products is that you don't to have enter details of items each time you want to add them to Invoice and also it will let us to provide you analytics and reports about performance of your products in form of top selling, most profitable, least selling products reports. 

            Create a New Product

            To create a new product, you can click Product tab in the left menu. It will take you to Products List page, there you can find a button that says 'Create new Product'. On clicking that button, a new dialog should appear asking for new product's information. Once you are done with filling the information properly, click submit and if all goes well, product should successfully be added to system. 

            Updated: 12 Jan 2019 11:41 PM
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