Invoice Quickly

            How to add new Service?


            Services are intangible and customers are charged by sellers when a service is rendered. Invoice Quickly lets you create and manage your list of services in an easy and efficient way. By maintaining a separate list of service provided by you, we save you the time while creating an invoice. You can just search the service by its name and add it to the Invoice and you will not have to type the description etc again and again. 

            Create a New Service

            To create a new service, you can click Services tab in the left menu. It will take you to Services List page, there you can find a button that says 'Create New Service'.  On clicking that button, a new dialog should appear asking for new service's information. Once you are done with filling the information properly, click submit and if all goes well, service should successfully be added to system


            Updated: 12 Jan 2019 11:49 PM
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